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Available dates for classes thru' until the end of September 2020

Because of the high demand for course days. Your course dates can only be guaranteed to you once payment has been made in full at the time of booking. Because I only have a maximum of two students on any course I have to run the bookings on a first come first serve basis.


One day course

Two day course

6/7 February

6 February

21/22 February

21 February

5/6 March

5 March

19/20 March

19 March

3/4 April

3 April

16/17 April

16 April

1/2 May

1 May

21/22 May

21 May

29/30 May

29 May

12/13 June

12 June

20/21 June

20 June

16/17 July

16 July

24/25 July

24 July


6 August


21 August


3 September


17 September

Prices for courses are £180 for a one day class or £380 for a two day chef's knife class. Courses will need to be paid for in full before the course date.

Once you've decided on a date I will give you my banking details so payment for the courses can be paid by BACS transfer. Once booked if there is a problem and either of us are unable to make the class I will reschedule another mutually acceptable date. If however you change your mind and just don't want to take a class and cancel later than a month before the scheduled course date I will charge a £50 administration fee and return the balance of your course fee.

Please bring your own packed lunch, I will have tea, coffee, cold drinks and biscuits on hand as we know forging is thirsty work. Classes will be held from my workshop at my home in Southampton, the address will be supplied at time of booking. Classes start at 09:00 when we'll have a coffee, tea or cold drink and a safety talk / induction and a walk around the tools in the shop. Leather aprons and gloves, safety glasses and any respiratory equipment will be supplied. You will need to wear suitable clothes; long trousers, long sleeved top, preferably cotton and robust leather shoes etc. No shorts or flip flops please, admittedly not much of an issue during winter, but you know what we get like when there's a bit of sun on show.

If you are in Australia please check this out ☞ Tharwa Valley Forge.

If you are looking for courses elsewhere in the UK please check ☞ Craft Classes in Your City.

Any queries or questions please ☞ contact me.

One day course.

We can make a forged herb chopper.

A Roman style kitchen axe.

A brute de forge style utility/hunting knife, either with a forged twisted handle or a full flat tang handle wrapped with para cord.

I am also looking at a small skeleton style folding knife, with a handle that can be used as a flint striker, I do need to make one of these first to see if it will be a practical knife to make on a one day course though.

Please check back at regular intervals as I will post pictures of the items that you will be able to make on these courses.

Two day courses.

We make a chef's/kitchen knife with hidden tang, the first day will be spent making the blade, heat treating your knife and the second day will be spent making, fitting the handle and sharpening your knife.

Sheath Making Classes.

These can be booked up on an ad hoc basis by anyone who has a knife that they would like to make a sheath for, you will of course need to bring your knife along so we can make the sheath to fit.

Course prices are the same as the one and two day knife making days. As a guide I would say that an undyed pouch style sheath would be achievable in a day, but if you wanted to dye your sheath you would be looking at a two day course. This would allow time for your sheath to dry before stitching. These will be fun, but practical course aimed at novice and maybe more experienced individuals alike, both going home at the end of the day with a functional man or lady blade or a beautifully hand crafted sheath.

A few photos and videos to show you an idea of what can be, and has been made on the courses recently.   Please click photo to open.


Blacksmithing Course    Blacksmithing Course     Blacksmithing Course

Blacksmithing Course     Blacksmithing Course     Blacksmithing Course

Blacksmithing Course March 2019     Blacksmithing Course March 2019     Blacksmithing Course March 2019


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