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I have had a love affair with knives for a very long time, I have owned and used a multitude of knives ever since I was a small boy. I made my first knife while at school for my ‘O’ level metalwork project. I have been making knives on a semi professional basis since about 2000, and professional since early 2015.

I forge my blades as well as stock removal. I work mainly with O-l because I know how this material works but I also use EN43 and EN45. I also have some stock of American truck leaf springs. All the knives I make are made in my own workshop, forging, grinding, heat treating, gun blueing and the leather work that will finally hold the finished knife. No one else is involved at any time in the production of one of my knives.

Because I do all the work myself I can be very flexible in terms of what the customer wants from their knife regarding the style and type of fittings etc. I will try to accommodate them as best I can in this. I do have a large selection of patterns I have designed over the years which can be customised to individual requirements. The only thing I will not change is that all my blades come with a flat grind.  I feel this is the best all round grind for edge retention, integral blade strength and life expectancy for a blade.

I make mainly fixed bladed knives but I intend to add more primitive style friction folders to my custom knife line in the near future. I design my knives to be used, they are robust, strong and I hope pleasing to the eye. These can and have been used by gamekeepers, bushcraft enthusiasts, deerstalker's and professional soldiers. I will say again they are designed to be used by PROFESSIONALS. A friend of mine who was deployed to Iraq, carried one of my blades specially made for him as part of his kit. He and the blade both returned home safely I'm glad to say. Another two of my knives have been used full time by a Combat Survival Instructor in a military survival school close to where I live. I worked very closely with this gentleman on the design of these knives and I have received nothing but positive feed back on their performance.

I try not to make too many of the same style of knives. Variety is the spice of life. I do like to make different styles from Bowie's, daggers, tactical knives, Tanto's, survival type knives to primitive rough forged style knives with a Native American feel.

I am using Micarta and G10 more frequently in the construction of my handles and I'm really starting to enjoy using these man made products more and more. However I still feel that the figure you can bring out of exotic woods will always have an aesthetic advantage over a man made material. If properly cared for natural handle materials will give the owner a life time of service.

The photo below shows the detail on the handle that can be made. Please click the photo for larger version, and click again for even more detail!
  Steve Nowacki


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